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Pro Trap and Skeet is the premier gun shop in the Sunrise, Florida area.  Started by Otto in 2011, our shop has been serving the needs of gun enthusiasts ever since.  Guns have been part of a long family tradition for our owners, and we know how important how they can be.  For many of us, getting our first gun was a rite of passage, either receiving it as a gift new from the store, or having it handed down to us as a heirloom.   We also know that gun safety can’t start soon enough, and is part of the life-long experience of owning firearms of any kind.


Because of this, Pro Trap and Skeet provides initial firearm training, updated safety courses, and regular information about the most current trends that are important to you, our extended gun owning family.  We also believe that every American has the right to protect themselves, and carrying a firearm has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of doing that.   Let us here at Pro Trap and Skeet help you get your Florida Concealed Carry permit (CWP) classes, to ensure that in a time of need, you and your family are always protected.


Gun sports are often an important part of the gun-owning experience, and whether you prefer to spend a few days out in the wilderness hunting, or enjoy a day at the range shooting skeet, we have the best choice in firearms and accessories for you.   Who wouldn’t rather be out in the field than having to spend precious free time picking up new ammunition and skeet equipment?  That’s why we provide the best in equipment and reviews on the same right here on the Pro Trap and Skeet website, to make gearing up as quick and simple as possible.


 It’s sometimes difficult in today’s busy life to get time to keep current on the most recent gun equipment and news.  That’s why right here on our website you’ll find regular informational videos being provided that will demonstrate our newest products and services.  In addition we’ll provide how-to videos demonstrating stances, gun care, and shooting tips to help improve your experience all the way around.


Whatever your needs in gun-ownership, know that Pro Trap and Skeet will be there to fill them. We’ve dedicated ourselves to supplying the best in gun safety equipment, and can help you pick out the right stuff to keep your family safe.  From protecting your hearing with the right ear protection, selecting the right safety glasses, or picking out a secure gun safe to keep your firearms secure from thieves and prying younger family members, Pro Trap and Skeet is here for you!




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Rifles & Guns


Pro Sporting Goods carries an impressive line of fine Sporting Shotguns for the trap, skeet and Sporting Clays Shooter.

Top brands such as BLAZER, FABARM, ZOLI, BERTTA, CORTONA and more, visit our store and experience for yourself the wide variety on all products.

Pro Sporting Goods Gun Shop
Ammunition Pro Sporting Goods



Pro Sporting Goods carries an extensive line of shot shell ammunition to meet the needs of your most demanding shooters, whether for practice or serious competition, Pro Sporting Goods has you covered.

Pro Sporting Goods Gun Shop
Shotkam Pro Sporting Goods Gun Shop



It's the largest in Shooting Aid Technology.

Shotkam is a High Definition Camera that operates at high speeds to capture all the action as seen looking down the barrel. Then, Shotkam relays all the action in Slow Motion, allowing you to see barrel movement, Target Flight, point of impact and follow through.

Pro Sporting Goods Gun Shop

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